our team

The church has been designed by God to function like a body with all of the different parts working together in mutual love and respect for the benefit of many other people who are living in the community around us.

We work together as a team with each person using their special interests and abilities to share the good news that God loves every person and wants each of them to become a loving member of his spiritual family.

Ministry leaders

  • Jim Dewar


    A sinner saved by the grace of Jesus, Jim was born in Delaware the year that the goalie mask was introduced into the NHL. He loves annihilating opponents at board games, especially Twixt, Monopoly, Backgammon & Power Croquet. He is a master conversation confuser, enjoys Class 5 white water rafting, & is addicted to racquetball (but has been going through withdrawal while on PEI). He’s jumped (voluntarily) out of an airplane & presently holds his motorcycle license. He used to drive a school bus & made it his goal to be the best part of his students’ day! He mutters a lot & can’t pronounce the letter “L” due to a lifelong peech imspediment.  And he likes to have fun. Lots & lots of fun! His favorite pics of Jesus are the ones where He’s smiling! Jim loves teaching the Bible & watching the lightbulbs go on in people’s minds as spiritual truths begin to fall into place for them. Married to pk Kim for 36 years, they both love classic rock, have 3 daughters & 3 granddweebs, all of whom live in the USA.

  • Allison Weeks


    Allison was born in Fredericton, PEI and is married to his soul mate Margaret. Both joined the Sherwood congregation in 1974, the same year they were married and they have 2 grown children. Allison is now retired after 38 years in the agricultural industry and enjoys gardening, raising cattle & chickens and home renovation. Spending time spoiling the grandkids is a special joy, as well as reading, Sudoku and dabbling in painting with watercolors and acrylics.

  • James Nicholson


    James first started attending the church at Sherwood while studying at UPEI. Currently serving as an elder, he has always had a heart for the youth of our congregation. James and Linda were married in 1985 and have two daughters. He is a senior wealth advisor and associate director with Scotia McLeod. An avid sports enthusiast, James continues to enjoy a game of golf and to follow his beloved Montreal Canadiens.

Sherwood Church

9 Lilac Avenue

Charlottetown, PE